AnafGroup (hereinafter referred to as the "the Company") shall play a pivotal role in economic and social development by creating value for customers, employees, Business Partners ("BPs"), and other stakeholders. The Company aims to develop into an "Excellent Level Company" that contributes to the happiness of mankind. The happiness that the company is committed to delivering should be sustainable in the long run and ensure balanced relationships with its stakeholders Respecting the principles of free market economy, and conducting business within ethical boundaries, is of great importance to the Company. Therefore, the Company shall achieve competitive advantage in an ethical and fair manner and in fair competition with competitors. In order to do so, the Company has adopted this code of ethics whose purpose is to document and govern the basic set of standards and principles that the Company has implemented to promote honest and ethical business conduct.

The Company shall earn the trust of its customers by delivering customer satisfaction and ultimately translating corporate growth into customer value.
The Company shall create an environment that motivates its employees, and members of the company shall contribute to the development of the Company and creation of value for sakeholders.
The Company shall enhance corporate value so as to create shareholder value, while increasing the level of transparency and efficiency toward this end.
The Company shall provide fair opportunities to its BPs, support their efforts to increase competitiveness, and seek joint growth based on mutual trust.
The Company shall contribute to economic development, and engage in social and cultural activities to contribute to the society. The Company shall conduct business in accordance with social norms and ethical standard.
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